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Rarely have we seen a McFarland lot of this proportion, let alone a near-complete master set of Figurines! All of the chase, variants, and chase variants are accounted for! We're talking, logo, no logo, dirty, clean, afros, no helmet, open and closed mouths, short and long hair - we have it all! Our consignor was dedicated to the cause to make sure he got each and every one possible and there are even a few undocumented chase variants included! This lot would deck out a mancave instantly! Perfect inventory to break up for all you eBay dealers or weekend warriors at the shows!  The figurines were always stored indoors and all but a few have some yellowing on the packages. There are price tags (that can be easily removed with some goo be gone) on some - most of which are from the McFarland store in Tempe, AZ. There's some surface wear on the older packaging from being handled over the years but nothing to detract from the overall collection. Amazing lot loaded with all the big names in the sport. The lot will be shipped on a pallet so please contact us for a price quote. Don't miss out on the great opportunity!

NBA Legends 1

 Bill Walton - Portland Trailblazers Chase 
 Bill Walton - Portland Trailblazers 
 Julius Erving - New York Nets Chase 
 Julius Erving - Philadelphia 76ers 
 Larry Bird - Boston Celtics Chase 
 Larry Bird - Boston Celtics 
 Pistol Pete Maravich - Atlanta Hawks Chase 
 Pistol Pete Maravich - Utah Jazz 
 Willis Reed - New York Knicks Chase 
 Willis Reed - New York Knicks 
 Wilt Chamberlain - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Wilt Chamberlain - Philadelphia 76ers 
NBA Legends 2
 Clyde Drexler - Houston Rockets Chase 
 Clyde Drexler - Portland Trailblazers 
 Earvin Magic Johnson - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Isiah Thomas - Detroit Pistons Chase 
 Isiah Thomas - Detroit Pistons 
 Jerry West - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Oscar Robertson - Cincinnati Royals Chase 
 Oscar Robertson - Milwaukee Bucks 
 Walt Clyde Frazier - New York Knicks 
NBA Legends 3
 Bill Russell - Boston Celtics 
 David Robinson - San Antonio Spurs 
 Dominique Wilkins - Atlanta Hawks Chase 
 Dominique Wilkins - Atlanta Hawks 
 Earl Monroe - New York Knicks 
 James Worthy - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 James Worthy - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Moses Malone - Houston Rockets Chase 
 Moses Malone - Philadelphia 76ers 
NBA Legends 4
 Elgin Baylor - Los Angeles Lakers 
 George Gervin - San Antonio Spurs 
 Julius Erving 2 - Philadelphia 76ers 
 Larry Bird 2 - Boston Celtics 
 Patrick Ewing - New York Knicks (White Jersey)
 Patrick Ewing - New York Knicks (Blue Jersey)
 Spud Webb - Atlanta Hawks 
NBA Series 01
 Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76ers Chase 
 Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76ers Chase Variant 
 Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76ers Variant 
 Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76ers 
 Jason Kidd - New Jersey Nets Chase 
 Jason Kidd - New Jersey Nets 
 Kevin Garnett - Minnesota Timberwolves Chase 
 Kevin Garnett - Minnesota Timberwolves 
 Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Tim Duncan - San Antonio Spurs Chase 
 Tim Duncan - San Antonio Spurs 
 Vince Carter - Toronto Raptors Chase 
 Vince Carter - Toronto Raptors 
NBA Series 02
 Antawn Jamison - Golden State Warriors Chase 
 Antawn Jamison - Golden State Warriors 
 Dirk Nowitzki - Dallas Mavericks 
 Dirk Nowitzki - Dallas Mavericks Chase 
 Elton Brand - Los Angeles Clippers 
 Elton Brand - Los Angeles Clippers Chase 
 John Stockton - Utah Jazz Chase 
 John Stockton - Utah Jazz 
 Kwame Brown - Washington Wizards Chase 
 Kwame Brown - Washington Wizards 
 Ray Allen - Milwaukee Bucks 
 Ray Allen - Milwaukee Bucks Chase 
 Shaquille O'Neal - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Shaquille O'Neal - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Steve Francis - Houston Rockets 
 Steve Francis - Houston Rockets Chase 
 Tracy McGrady - Orlando Magic Chase 
 Tracy McGrady - Orlando Magic 
NBA Series 03
 Baron Davis - New Orleans Hornets Chase 
 Baron Davis - New Orleans Hornets 
 Eddie Jones - Miami Heat 
 Eddie Jones - Miami Heat Chase 
 Juwan Howard - Denver Nuggets 
 Juwan Howard - Denver Nuggets Chase 
 Kobe Bryant 2 - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Kobe Bryant 2 - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Kobe Bryant 2 - Los Angeles Lakers Chase Variant 
 Latrell Sprewell - New York Knicks Chase 
 Latrell Sprewell - New York Knicks 
 Mike Bibby - Sacramento Kings Chase 
 Mike Bibby - Sacramento Kings 
 Pau Gasol - Memphis Grizzlies 
 Pau Gasol - Memphis Grizzlies Chase 
 Paul Pierce - Boston Celtics 
 Paul Pierce - Boston Celtics Chase 
 Rasheed Wallace - Portland Trailblazers 
 Rasheed Wallace - Portland Trailblazers Chase 
NBA Series 04
 Amare Stoudemire - Phoenix Suns Chase 
 Amare Stoudemire - Phoenix Suns 
 Dajuan Wagner - Cleveland Cavaliers Chase 
 Dajuan Wagner - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Jalen Rose - Chicago Bulls Chase 
 Jalen Rose - Chicago Bulls 
 Jermaine O'Neal - Indiana Pacers Chase 
 Jermaine O'Neal - Indiana Pacers 
NBA Series 05
 Ben Wallace - Detroit Pistons 
 Ben Wallace - Detroit Pistons Chase 
 Chris Webber - Sacramento Kings 
 Chris Webber - Sacramento Kings Chase 
 Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers Chase 
 Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Ray Allen - Seattle Supersonics 
 Ray Allen - Seattle Supersonics Chase 
 Shareef Abdur-Rahim - Atlanta Hawks 
 Shareef Abdur-Rahim - Atlanta Hawks Chase 
 Stephon Marbury - Phoenix Suns 
 Stephon Marbury - Phoenix Suns Chase 
 Steve Nash - Dallas Mavericks Chase 
 Steve Nash - Dallas Mavericks 
 Tracy McGrady 2 - Orlando Magic Chase 
 Tracy McGrady 2 - Orlando Magic 
 Yao Ming - Houston Rockets Chase 
 Yao Ming - Houston Rockets 
NBA Series 06
 Allen Iverson 2 - Philadelphia 76ers Chase 
 Allen Iverson 2 - Philadelphia 76ers 
 Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets 
 Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets Chase 
 Gary Payton - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Gary Payton - Seattle Sonics Chase 
 Karl Malone - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Karl Malone - Utah Jazz Chase 
 Michael Finley - Dallas Mavericks Chase 
 Michael Finley - Dallas Mavericks 
 Predrag Stojakovic - Sacramento Kings Chase 
 Predrag Stojakovic - Sacramento Kings 
 Richard Jefferson - New Jersey Nets 
 Richard Jefferson - New Jersey Nets Chase 
 Scottie Pippen - Chicago Bulls 
 Scottie Pippen - Chicago Bulls Chase 
 Tim Duncan 2 - San Antonio Spurs 
 Tim Duncan 2 - San Antonio Spurs Chase 
NBA Series 07
 Ben Wallace 2 - Detroit Pistons Variant 
 Ben Wallace 2 - Detroit Pistons Chase 
 Ben Wallace 2 - Detroit Pistons 
 Ben Wallace 2 - Detroit Pistons Chase Variant 
 Jason Williams - Memphis Grizzlies Chase 
 Jason Williams - Memphis Grizzlies 
 Kevin Garnett 2 - Minnesota Timberwolves 
 Kevin Garnett 2 - Minnesota Timberwolves Chase 
 LeBron James 2 - Cleveland Cavaliers Chase 
 LeBron James 2 - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Michael Redd - Milwaukee Bucks 
 Michael Redd - Milwaukee Bucks Chase 
 Reggie Miller - Indiana Pacers Chase 
 Reggie Miller - Indiana Pacers 
 Vince Carter 2 - Toronto Raptors 
 Vince Carter 2 - Toronto Raptors Chase 
 Yao Ming 2 - Houston Rockets 
 Yao Ming 2 - Houston Rockets Chase 
NBA Series 08
 Allen Iverson 3 - Philadelphia 76ers 
 Allen Iverson 3 - Philadelphia 76ers Chase 
 Carmelo Anthony 2 - Denver Nuggets Chase 
 Carmelo Anthony 2 - Denver Nuggets 
 Corey Maggette - Los Angeles Clippers 
 Corey Maggette - Los Angeles Clippers Chase 
 Jason Kidd 2 - New Jersey Nets Chase 
 Jason Kidd 2 - New Jersey Nets 
 Lamar Odom - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Lamar Odom - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Shaquille O'Neal 2 - Miami Heat 
 Shaquille O'Neal 2 - Miami Heat Chase 
 Shawn Marion - Phoenix Suns Chase 
 Shawn Marion - Phoenix Suns 
 Stephon Marbury - New York Knicks Chase 
 Stephon Marbury - New York Knicks 
NBA Series 09
 Amare Stoudemire 2 - Phoenix Suns Chase 
 Amare Stoudemire 2 - Phoenix Suns 
 Antawn Jamison - Washington Wizards 
 Dirk Nowitzki 2 - Dallas Mavericks 
 Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat Chase 
 Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat 
 Emeka Okafor - Charlotte Bobcats 
 Grant Hill - Orlando Magic 
 Jason Richardson - Golden State Warriors 
 Kobe Bryant 3 - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Kobe Bryant 3 - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Richard Rip Hamilton - Detroit Pistons Chase 
 Richard Rip Hamilton - Detroit Pistons 
NBA Series 10
 Lebron James 3 - Cleveland Cavaliers Chase 
 Lebron James 3 - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Manu Ginobili - San Antonio Spurs Chase 
 Manu Ginobili - San Antonio Spurs 
 Rashard Lewis - Seattle Sonics 
 Steve Nash 2 - Phoenix Suns Chase 
 Steve Nash 2 - Phoenix Suns 
 Tracy McGrady 3 - Houston Rockets Chase 
 Tracy McGrady 3 - Houston Rockets 
 Vince Carter 2 - New Jersey Nets 
NBA Series 11
 Carmelo Anthony 4 - Denver Nuggets Chase 
 Carmelo Anthony 4 - Denver Nuggets 
 Chauncey Billups 2 - Detroit Pistons Chase 
 Chauncey Billups 2 - Detroit Pistons 
 Joe Johnson - Atlanta Hawks 
 Kobe Bryant 4 - Los Angeles Lakers Chase 
 Kobe Bryant 4 - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Michael Finley - San Antonio Spurs Surprise 
 Ron Artest - Sacramento Kings 
 Steve Francis - New York Knicks Surprise 
 Wally Szczerbiak - Boston Celtics 
NBA Series 12
 Allen Iverson 2 - Denver Nuggets 
 Ben Wallace - Chicago Bulls Surprise 
 Chris Paul - New Orleans Hornets Chase 
 Chris Paul - New Orleans Hornets 
 Dwyane Wade 2 - Miami Heat Chase 
 Dwyane Wade 2 - Miami Heat 
 Elton Brand 2 - Los Angeles Clippers 
 Gilbert Arenas - Washington Wizards 
 Tony Parker - San Antonio Spurs 
 Wally Szczerbiak - Minnesota Timberwolves Surprise 
NBA Series 13
 Baron Davis - Golden State Warriors Surprise 
 Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors 
 Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic 
 Jason Terry - Dallas Mavericks Chase 
 Jason Terry - Dallas Mavericks 
 LeBron James 4 - Cleveland Cavaliers Chase 
 LeBron James 4 - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Paul Pierce 2 - Boston Celtics Chase 
 Paul Pierce 2 - Boston Celtics 
 Shaquille O'Neal 3 - Miami Heat 
NBA Series 14
 Adam Morrison - Charlotte Bobcats Chase 
 Adam Morrison - Charlotte Bobcats 
 Carlos Boozer - Utah Jazz 
 Greg Oden - Portland Trailblazers 
 Kevin Garnett 3 - Minnesota Timberwolves 
 Steve Nash 2 - Phoenix Suns Chase 
 Steve Nash 3 - Phoenix Suns 
 Tayshaun Prince - Detroit Pistons Chase 
 Tayshaun Prince - Detroit Pistons 
NBA Series 15
 Ben Gordon - Chicago Bulls Chase 
 Ben Gordon - Chicago Bulls 
 Desmond Mason - Milwaukee Bucks 
 Kobe Bryant 5 - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Michael Conley - Memphis Grizzlies 
 Mike Bibby 2 - Atlanta Hawks 
 Shaquille O'Neal 2 - Phoenix Suns 
 Vince Carter 3 - New Jersey Nets 
NBA Series 16
 Andre Iguodala - Philadelphia 76ers 
 Jermaine O'Neal 2 - Toronto Raptors 
 Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder 
 Lebron James 5 - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Ray Allen - Boston Celtics 
 Tracy McGrady 4 - Houston Rockets 
 Zach Randolph - New York Knicks 
NBA Two-Pack
 Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace - Detroit Pistons 
 Ben Wallace vs. Kevin Garnett 2 - Detroit Pistons vs. Minnesota Timberwolves 
 Ben Wallace vs. Kevin Garnett 2 - Detroit Pistons vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Variant
 Carmelo Anthony vs. LeBron James - Denver Nuggets - Cleveland Cavaliers 
 Hardwood Classics: LeBron James vs. Tracy McGrady 2 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Houston Rockets 
 Jam Session: Elton Brand vs. Shaquille O'Neal - Los Angeles Clippers - Los Angeles Lakers 
 Shaquille O'Neal vs. Yao Ming - Los Angeles Lakers - Houston Rockets
NBA National Convention 03
Kenyon Martin - New Jersey Nets 
NBA National Convention 04
Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76ers 
LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers 
McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!
McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!McFarlane 6 NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!
McFarlane 6" NBA Basketball Figurine Near Complete Set! Legends & Series 1-16 - (250+) Figures!!!
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Minimum Bid: $10.00
Final Bid: $1,352.00
Number Bids: 28
Auction closed on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

Any signed lot not already having a third-party LOA/COA will include a Sig Auctions Letter of Authenticity. All signed lots guaranteed to pass JSA authentication, please see auction rules for details. 

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